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SWEDISH MASSAGE — Warm organic oil is applied to the body for a relaxing, nurturing, and therapeutic massage that combines 5 different techniques. Relieves muscular tension while promoting circulation and a fuller range of motion as well as increasing energy, concentration and alertness. Can be done with light, firm or deep pressure. 1 hr. $90.00, 11⁄2 hr. $130.00

SHIATSU — Unblocks and stimulates energy flow of the meridians (energy channels). Utilizes palm and finger pressure, as well as stretching techniques, rotation of joints, and specific body positioning. Loose, comfortable clothing suggested. 1 hr. $90.00, 11⁄2 hr. $130.00

MYOTHERAPY (trigger point therapy) - Trigger points are highly irritable spots in muscles that critically contribute to pain. Trigger points accumulate throughout life from strains, sprains, falls, and the stresses of daily living. The muscle becomes “insulted” and a trigger point is laid down. Myotherapy works by applying a certain amount of pressure to an effected area, which is then stretched relieving the muscle of pain and discomfort. 1 hr. $90.00, 11⁄2 hr. $130.00

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (massage using scents) — Infusion of the highest grade of 100% organic essential oils. Inhalation of these oils effect the limbic part of the brain, which uplift moods and emotions. When massaged onto the skin, the oils are absorbed into the blood stream and dispersed throughout the body to promote healing. 1 hr. $95.00 11⁄2 hr. $135.00

HOT ROCKS MASSAGE — The body is immersed in warm lavender oil. Smooth heated basalt stones slowly glide along the surface of the skin. Pressure is applied so as to “iron out” tense knotted muscles. Tension is eased and the mind relaxes, as the body is enveloped in warmth. Increased circulation and boosting of the immune system make this experience therapeutic as well as extremely enjoyable. 1 hr. $110.00, 11⁄2 hr. $130.00

COOL STONES TEMPERED WITH WARMTH — Cool marble stones, cucumber cream and organic peppermint oil, combine with hot stones in an altering application of hot and cold. This is one of the most effective methods of increasing local circulation. Use of cool marble stones and hot rocks alternate vasodilatation and vasoconstriction of blood vessels. Increased circulation relieves stiffness and pain and stimulates healing of injury and wounds. Defused eucalyptus integrates breathing and stimulates body systems for health. 1 hr. $110.00, 11⁄2 hr. $130.00

FEATHER STROKE AND ROCKING — This original technique combines light gentle strokes on the surface of the skin, and rhythmic rocking movements applied to various parts of the body. It also awakens circulation and encourages lymph flow, ridding the body of excess fluid retention. Feather stroke and rocking create a nurturing and caring effect, while inducing a feeling of peaceful calm. 1 hr. $90.00 11⁄2 hr. $130.00

SOUL SPA FOOT EXPERIENCE — Includes a Dr. Hauschka foot bath using choice bath oil. Tea salt or mango scrub exfoliates dry skin on soles and heels, and an application of organic peppermint cream is used to soothe and stimulate tired feet. Continues with a paraffin dip for hands and feet to rehydrate and soften skin while scalp is being massaged. This treatment ends with reflexology, a Chinese technique where pressure is applied to minute reflex points in the feet to stimulate functions and organs throughout the body. 1 hr. $95.00

FACILITATED STRETCHING (positional release therapy) — Based on pnf (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) which is a highly effective physical therapy technique. Dramatic gains in flexibility occur in a very short time because of the creative use of neurological mechanisms to optimize a muscle’s ability to lengthen. Actively involves receiver in resistant stretching techniques. 1 hr. $110.00

PREGNANCY MASSAGE — Offers a nurturing, safe and relaxing way to rid the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Incorporates Swedish massage, Shiatsu, feather stroke and gentle rocking. Organic blackthorn body oil is used to combat stretch marks and rejuvenate cells. 1 hr. $90.00

ESALEN MASSAGE — Light, long and slow rhythmic strokes on the surface of the skin are continuous throughout this treatment, producing a state of relaxation and well being. Experience the power of healing touch as heart rate slows and anxieties diminish. Finishes with connective strokes on the back, from head to foot while receiver is covered with blanket, inducing a feeling of nurturing security. 1 hr. $95.00

EXTREME EXTREMITIES — Hands and feet are dipped in paraffin wax to soften and soothe, while scalp, face, neck and shoulders are massaged using your choice of organic aromatic creams. Wax is then removed followed by a hand and foot massage employing a variety of techniques to release tension throughout the entire body. Recommended for those who do not desire a full body massage. 1 hr. $90.00

RAINDROP THERAPY — A powerful non-invasive technique using massage and essential oils to bring about structural and electrical alignment. Oils are applied to the back, legs, feet and along the vertebrae in a specific sequence destroying viral agents and reducing inflammation.The effects of the oils continue to work in the body for five to seven days. 1 hr. $105.00

SOUL MATE — Professional techniques and instruction are demonstrated and taught with your soul mate / friend. Incorporates Swedish, trigger point, shiatsu and hot rocks. 2 hrs. $200.00

BALI WATER FALL — Enjoy the silky wonder and light touch of free-flowing water over the entire surface of the body. A soothing gentle flow of water at a temperature of 108-110 on the surface of the skin effects the innermost depths of the body that helps with lymph flow, stress reduction, insomnia and brain relaxation. It includes a soap scrub, warm towels and compressions over entire body. 1 hr. 100.00, add 1/2 hr. MASSAGE 145.00


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