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Hydrotherapy uses water as a means of promoting wellness and healing dating back to ancient Rome. Our state-of-the-art hydro tub is designed to increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage while reducing stress and mental fatigue.

AROMATIC BODY BATH (fragrant, colorful) — A whirlpool of aromatic essential oils to complement one of Dr. Hauschka’s lavender, lemon, sage, spruce, or rosemary bath oils. Complete with candlelight and a splash of color therapy that creates a pool of soothing green. $15.00 - 20 min $20.00, 30 min $30.00

MINERAL BATH (exhilarating) — A saline (salt) bath is similar to natural bathing in sea water. A tonic effect is produced by stimulating circulation and body functions with the use of salt and the aid of a whirlpool. A temperature of 90º to 94º F (between tepid and warm) is maintained for optimal results. Refreshing and stimulating in hot weather. $15.00 - 20 min $20.00, 30 min $30.00

ELIZABETHAN (relaxing) — Indulge yourself with essential oils of frankincense and lavender in a whirlpool bath coupled with the warm glow of candlelight and the delightfulness of bubbles. This bathing experience quiets tired nerves, soothes aching muscles, and relaxes over active minds, making this soothing bath one of the most enjoyable treatments at Soul Spa. Enjoy music of your choice and let yourself go! $15.00 - 20 min $20.00, 30 min $30.00

MILK BATH (pampering, moisturizing) — Warm milk and yogurt are abundant in lactic acid which makes for an all natural moisturizing bath. Enjoy the visuals and luxuriance as you lay back and are surrounded with delicacy of rose petals, fresh flowers and the soft gentle glow of candlelight. $15.00 - 20 min $20.00, 30 min $30.00

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (natural anti-aging) — An organic whirlpool of herbal formula using green tea leaves, lemon grass, chamomile, and calendula flowers to neutralize free radicles, increase cell longevity, and stimulate circulation. This salt bath contains organic herbal extracts and pure essential oils. $15.00 - 20 min $20.00, 30 min $30.00

THERAPEUTIC BODY BATH (healing, soothing) — Pure 100% colloidal oatmeal helps relieve a wide variety of skin irritations. A natural cleanser without the use of soap. Surface soils on skin bind with oatmeal particles and rinse away creating a soothing effect and healthier skin. $15.00 - 20 min $20.00, 30 min $30.00

SEAWEED SPLASH (cellulite reducer) — The use of seaweed with hydrotherapy aids in the biological functions of the body through the absorption of its vital trace elements. Trace elements are absorbed through the skin and travel to the areas where they are needed. Excellent for detoxification and mineral balance. $15.00 - 20 min $20.00, 30 min $30.00


Model Soul Desires
Model Soul Desires

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