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BLACK PEARL — Enjoy a foot bath and salt scrub for hands and feet which are dipped in paraffin while face is soothed with an organic mud mask and sage bath. The scalp, neck and shoulders are massaged with essence of hazelnut and ylang ylang. A blend of peppermint and lime leaf is applied to the feet for massage and feather stroking. Organic herbs are rubbed onto the body and gently buffed off to exfoliate. Skin is polished, smoothed and refined to reveal a fresh radiance. A warm coat of yogurt is applied to the body. Yogurt is a natural moisturizer with lactic acid, beneficial for the skin. A candlelight milk bath with rose petals is prepared for relaxation and cleansing. Return to the table for a massage, using organic cream with essence of blackthorn. 2 hrs. $270..00

ASIAN BLENDS — Exotic blends of Eastern techniques, textures and aromas come together to create a unique experience. This quality treatment begins with the soothing touch of hot rocks massage enhanced with essence of frankincense. A green tea and lime leaf scrub is then given to exfoliate and detoxify, followed by a serene ylang ylang candlelight bubble bath. Treatment ends with your choice of Shiatsu, a relaxing Japanese massage unblocking energy flow along meridians, or a stimulating Balinese massage, a rhythmic, meditative massage combining Chinese, Indian, and European techniques. 2 hrs. $270.00

RAIN FOREST REJUVENATION — Healing remedies and natural wonders of the rain forest come alive in an experience featuring steam, herbs, sounds, and textures. This treatment begins with an organic herbal rain forest remedy gently “tapped” onto the skin and buffed off with a loofa to exfoliate. Then steam is used to open up, unclog and clean pores. A mixture of honey, yogurt, and bee pollen is slathered on the skin to moisturize and sooth as body is wrapped with warm moist towels. Continues with an exotic whirlpool bath with organic herbal formula. Return to the table for a massage using organic cream and passive stretching techniques. 2 hrs. $270.00


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