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Begin with warm foot bath and paraffin on hands and feet. Face is cleansed using warm fragrant compresses, steam and a mask for detoxification. Speical products are applied and tailored to each individual skin type.

AYURVEDA FACIAL — Incorporates warm ginger compresses, cool sage bath and ayurveda herbs to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. 1 hr. $85.00

COOL MOONSTONE FACIAL — Utilizes warm parafin to rehydrate dull, dry skin and cool moonstones to produce vascular flushing, firming the skin & reducing puffiness.. 1 hr. $85.00

SEAWEED FACIAL — Remineralizes dull skin with vital trace elements aiding in detoxification and mineral balance. 1 hr. $85.00

ROSE CLAY FACIAL — Nurturing and beautifying with pure lavender bath, French rose clay and organic rose oil. 1 hr. $85.00

AROMATHERAPY FACIAL — Essential oils, honey, oatmeal and almond scrub gently exfoliates and promotes healthy skin. 1 hr. $85.00


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